In an era of deregulation and rising environmental compliance standards, finding ways to minimize costs is vital. To help clients minimize the cost of raw materials, Greystone draws on over a half-century of experience in the industry. Greystone will utilize its specialized industry knowledge to optimize your supply chain and build a processing facility that is both practical and reliable.

Creating value.

We will create value for our clients by focusing our efforts on the following areas:

  • Minimization of capital plant and equipment costs through a complete understanding of and experience in practical operational capabilities and maintenance requirements.
  • Utilization of tis experience to reduce operational costs while maximizing production and ensuring 100% material availability.
  • Reduction of raw material cost by negotiating more favorable purchasing prices and contract terms, as well as optimizing transportation costs.
  • Providing the expertise to develop and mine 'project owned' raw material reserves.

We are capable of providing a broad range of services in multiple capacities, including:

  • Consultation and Evaluation of the Economics of an On-Site Facility
  • Design and Planning Services
  • Construction Management
  • Logistics Planning
  • Raw Materials Supply Contract Negotiation
  • Operating & Maintenance Services
  • Turn-key Fine Grind, Beneficiation and Packaging Facilities
  • Finished Product Material Supply & Delivery
  • Ownership/Operation of On-Site Processing Facilities